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We’re proud to announce that has opened on July 21th, the Belgian National Day !

So what is it?‘s goal is to bring games forward through help of each others’ networking skills and connections. As a united entity, we can provide a far bigger exposure of the great games developed here in Belgium.
Instead of relying a on one-time successful publicity, we want to maintain the connection with the press and provide extended coverage of future games for every company. is live !
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Gamescom, IARC, USK and more!

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event-gamescom-logo-r225xSorry for the lack of updates, we were really busy with doing a lot of stuff.
One of those stuff, is our preparation to Gamescom ( aka what happens after GDC-europe conference ), the rest is just all fancy-pantsy graphics update for our game but we’ll leave that for later.

At first it sounded like a really great opportunity, it didn’t cost that much nor did cause many problems for us since Germany is pretty close to Belgium.
But as we dove deeper into how we were going to set things up, we stumbled upon a unexpected entity :

exiinGamescom, IARC, USK and more!
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PR8 – Progress Ready series 8


We’re proud to present PR8, our little hero of AfterLoop.

PR8 is an utility robot, 8th generation of Progress Ready series. This little fellow is stuck in an endlessly shifting maze, and has lost contact of outside world since 1960s.
The maze is like a loop, your goal will be to help PR8 explore this massive maze containing over hundreds of different puzzles, and get it out.

exiinPR8 – Progress Ready series 8
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ROTE solutions are finally here!

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Due to the nature of ROTE, it’s pretty easy to get stuck on any level.
That was the point of the game, make it as hardcore as possible to stimulate your brain and achieve this euphoric experience of beating really difficult challenges. Having a difficult game is sometimes a great thing, but mostly it’s a big flaw in the whole mobile casual game world.
For us, it happened to give a mixed effect, people who liked it went as far as they could go and those who didn’t abandoned pretty quickly.

I can understand that it’s not cool to get stuck in a game even though you want to finish it.
It might happen that you couldn’t finish only one of the levels, but you’re pretty much capable of solving the rest or you’re just simply having a bad day and still want to know the solution.

We didn’t want to leave anyone behind, so we decided to create this whole section on our website dedicated to solutions for the game, for every single level.

exiinROTE solutions are finally here!
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What happened after ROTE?

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We’ve been working A LOT on the sequel to this hell-spawn game ROTE, adding new features, new levels, new ideas and everything that went through our minds and that were feasible.

We know that many of you liked the clean style of the whole game, but if the game ends up too clean it would look boring and repetitive – especially on big screens.
Since our goal is to publish the sequel on almost any platform we can afford releasing on, we decided it would be a pretty awesome idea to add few objects in the game… and by few I mean lots of objects! But unfortunately, this lead to some problems.

exiinWhat happened after ROTE?
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11 Tips for Nailing an Indie Game Convention

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The first time that we have been to a game convention, we were asking other  local indie game devs for tips on what to do and what to avoid. Unfortunately, none of them had any experience with conventions, so we had to take a leap of faith, and discover everything by ourselves.

Remember that in a game convention, there will be hundreds of Indie devs from all around the world, and only few people will win a prize, BUT anyone can be remembered… Here is few rules and tips to nail a Indie Game Convention!

Seb11 Tips for Nailing an Indie Game Convention
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Tips for Improving isometric view


As you may know, we are currently working on ROTE Revolution, which is a 3D game with an Isometric camera and a top down view. In this new version we decided to add 3d elements and sceneries to our puzzle. That idea looked cool, but little did we know that we were running straight into a wall.

Here are some tips for you, in order to avoid having the same issues as we encountered, and also how to improve the look of your game!

SebTips for Improving isometric view
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