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Announcing Tom Jongens as CEO to Lead Studio Growth

BRUSSELS – [November 15th, 2023] – At the Big Score event in Ghent, where Exiin was present to raise capital, the Brussels-based video game studio announced Tom Jongens as its new Chief Executive Officer. This pivotal change comes at a time when the video game industry is witnessing significant shifts, with Exiin aiming to lead the adaptation to these evolving trends.

Sébastien Le Touze, Exiin’s founder, now takes on the roles of Chief Technical Officer and Creative Director to lead the three projects currently in the pipeline. He states, “Tom’s appointment as CEO aligns with Exiin’s growth and innovation ambitions to become Brussels’s strongest studio in the game industry. His unique vision and deep industry understanding make him the ideal leader for Exiin’s journey through the evolving game industry landscape.”

Tom Jongens brings his extensive experience in business development and marketing from his tenure at Dutch Game Garden and his consultancy firm JoTo. His appointment is expected to elevate Exiin’s operational practices and enhance its market presence, setting new industry benchmarks in Brussels and beyond. Sébastien and Tom also foresee Tom’s network in the Netherlands playing a key role in forging strong collaborations between Exiin and its neighboring countries.

Jongens addresses the industry shifts, stating, “The game industry is undergoing significant changes in consumer behavior, monetization, and distribution, all of which profoundly impact game development. Exiin must adapt and stay proactive to thrive in this dynamic environment. My leadership will focus on scaling Exiin’s operations, applying modern business practices, and branching into cross-media ventures. We are committed to nurturing talent, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and building strategic partnerships to strengthen our position in the industry.”

Tom shares his excitement about his new role: “Joining Exiin is a tremendous honor. The trust Sébastien and the team have placed in my direction is incredibly motivating. I am confident that together, we will exceed the benchmarks we’ve set, pushing Exiin to new heights in this evolving industry.”

Exiin is eagerly anticipating the release of Tamed, which is expected to set a new standard for the studio as it has transitioned from Unity to Unreal Engine. Additionally, the studio is excited about a new, yet-to-be-announced project that will bring the city of Brussels to life in a game. The company warmly invites partners and investors to join this exhilarating journey toward innovation and gaming excellence.

exiinAnnouncing Tom Jongens as CEO to Lead Studio Growth