June 2015

Gamescom, IARC, USK and more!

event-gamescom-logo-r225xSorry for the lack of updates, we were really busy with doing a lot of stuff.
One of those stuff, is our preparation to Gamescom ( aka what happens after GDC-europe conference ), the rest is just all fancy-pantsy graphics update for our game but we’ll leave that for later.

At first it sounded like a really great opportunity, it didn’t cost that much nor did cause many problems for us since Germany is pretty close to Belgium.
But as we dove deeper into how we were going to set things up, we stumbled upon a unexpected entity :

exiinGamescom, IARC, USK and more!
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PR8 – Progress Ready series 8

We’re proud to present PR8, our little hero of AfterLoop.

PR8 is an utility robot, 8th generation of Progress Ready series. This little fellow is stuck in an endlessly shifting maze, and has lost contact of outside world since 1960s.
The maze is like a loop, your goal will be to help PR8 explore this massive maze containing over hundreds of different puzzles, and get it out.

exiinPR8 – Progress Ready series 8
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