Ary and the secret of seasons is an adventure game introducing the possibility to navigate between all the seasons.

In this epic story, you will follow the journey of Ary across the world of Valdi. This young girl will join the guardians of seasons, an old organization traditionally ruled by men.

As a new season’s guardian, her self-control and courage will lead her where no other guardian has been, and she will successfully restore the seasons in Valdi.

Meet Aryelle,

She is the daughter of Gwenn, the Guardian of Winter.

Her brother was supposed to replace her father and become the next Guardian of Winter, but unfortunate events made her as the only available option.

She’s the first girl to join the Guardians of Seasons.

Everybody calls her Ary.

About the game

Ary has the power to open seasons spheres where and when she wants.

The season spheres are local zones where another season appears inside, she can open up 3 seasons spheres at the same time. Meaning that within the same area, Ary can jump from winter to summer.

It opens an incredible range of possibilities for amazing environmental puzzles and innovative gameplay.

Meet the Guardians of seasons

Dagdann, Brynn and Luchtann are the guardians of seasons. Every year, they meet in the dome of seasons to reinforce the seal that protects the world of Valdi.

Over the centuries, the beliefs about the legend of the evil mage has faded away, and no one believed about the guardian’s duty anymore.

But Ary will join, and give a fresh breath to that wobbly team.


Meet the Prince

Prince Crocus is living in Lutece’s Castle in the region of spring.

One of the most beloved princes in the kingdom.

He’s beautiful, Intelligent, courageous, strong and incredibly rich.

Recent Blog post

Ary: Join us on Discord

We’ve open a Discord channel, feel free to join us on Discord > <  

Ary is nominated for 4 awards

Ary and the secret of seasons have been nominated for the Development awards of game connection.  Game Connection is the business par of the Paris Games Week, and we will be showcasing the game 1/3 November in Paris

IndieCade: Ary at the Houdini Booth

We’re super happy to be part of the Houdini line-up. Ary and the secret of seasons will be presented for the first time in America by sideFX.

Indie game salon 40

August 26th, 2017 at Het Bos, at Indie Game Salon 40, we’ll be interviewed and talk about Ary and the secret of seasons, and then you’ll get to try it out yourselves! Indie game salon is a Monthly meetup organized by the house of Indie for Independent game developers and anyone interested in INDIE GAME CULTURE.

The rise of the Belgian game industry in  Casual Connect Europe 2017

This February we’ve proudly accepted the invitation to participate to Indie Prize in Berlin, Germany. Indie Prize is an event hosted by Casual Connect Europe 2017. More than 470 indie game companies applied this year, and we were one of the 130 finalists among the other Indie developers. This year, five Belgian game companies were selected for indie

Ary just landed on IndieDB

Following the advice of Fishing Cactus CEO, Bruno Urbain. We decided to go on IndieDB with Ary and the secret of seasons. I guess this was a good idea, in less than 24 hours we made it to the top 10!

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