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Steam Patch 4 – Ary and the secret of seasons

A new patch is now available for Steam!

It includes a few tweaks to gameplay, bug fixes and Audio fixes!


  • Fix Backtrack softlock inside the Autumn temple.
  • Fix Slide deadlock in Ostara region.
  • Fix Iris in the autumn temple not opening when backtracking.
  • Remove monolith inside Lammastid city.
  • Add one extra chest.
  • Fix camera zoom while changing costumes.
  • Fix AI getting stuck after a while on low-end PC.
  • Update credits.


  • Fixed the “Distracted Intollerent” Achievement, now matching 100% the description.
  • The “Speedrun” Achievement is now easier: load times and cutscenes are no longer counted in the played time.
  • The Achievement for unlocking chests now count ALL chests, not only chests that give coins.
  • Fixed the “Heart Breaker!” Achievement unlocking at 19 hearts instead of 20.


  • Fixed issue with audio after playing the Winter Golem fight


exiinSteam Patch 4 – Ary and the secret of seasons