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Xbox patch 4 for Ary and the Secret of Seasons has been released!

Yesterday we released new updates for Ary and the Secret of Seasons on Xbox one. This patch is fairly similar than the Patch 1.04 on PS4 and aim to fix some of the most common bugs and issues we have seen reported by our community. Again, we appreciate your feedback and will continue to make updates to the game!

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Here are the fixes we’ve done for the patch 4:


  • Added Long Hair as a hat, to be worn with any costume
  • Rebalanced prices in shops after making enemies drop coins
  • Rebalanced rewards from chests after making enemies drop coins
  • Achievement “Speedrun” is now easier: load times and cutscenes are no longer counted in the played time
  • Achievement for unlocking chests now count ALL chests, not only chests that give coins
  • Added a savepoint in the cave of the quest “The Herborist”
  • Added a dropshadow under Ary. Useful when platforming.
  • Improved localization. All text should now be translated in the correct language
  • Improved multiline text in non-roman written languages
  • Added teleporters to get out of boss rooms easily
  • Improved colliders in Ostara
  • Improved colliders in Hyena Cache
  • Fixed NPC icons that were visible when they shouldn’t be
  • Added new rotating camera on the Yule Elevator to ease platforming
  • Disable the use of fast travel, costumes and hats at the beginning of the game
  • Fixed issue with the “Firewood” quest
  • Fixed memory leak that could cause the game to run slower than expected
  • Fixed FOV slider in settings.
  • Added a fallback for users that saved in a level that no longer exists
  • Fixed instant kill in Insane difficulty when doing the Target Practice quest
  • Update Autumn Temple bosskey room exit
  • Fixed Ary being stuck in the “Ticket to Ostara” quest when talking to an NPC
  • Fixed Ary getting stuck in autumn temple when reloading at a specific save point
  • Fixed AI failing to move to Ary after playing for a while
  • Added 1 extra chest
  • Fixed issue with season bubble after changing regional season in Lammastide
  • Fixed Camera getting further away from Ary on each costume change
  • Fixed infinite saving when spamming close button on the ingame menu
  • Fixed infinite sliding in Ostara


  • Fixed floating pink item in Hyena combat tutorial
  • Fixed cutscenes where the bosskey was already in the door before Ary had it
  • Improved Ary’s window of attack to better match the animations
  • Fixed wrong sorting order on launching the game
  • Fixed missing floor in winter temple
  • Updated credits


  • Fixed issue with audio after playing the Winter Golem fight
exiinXbox patch 4 for Ary and the Secret of Seasons has been released!