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Steam Patch 3 – Ary and the secret of seasons

A new patch is now available! It includes a few tweaks to gameplay, bug fixes, and the ability to equip long hair!

Check out the full list of fixes here:

  • Long hair is now an equipable hat
  • Enemies drop coins when they die
  • Duplicate resolutions are no longer displayed in settings
  • Coins in chests and shop prices rebalanced
  • Adjusted colliders in the Hyena Cache and Ostara City
  • Improved platforming section in the wooden tower in Yule by adding a fixed camera
  • Fixed issue with costume changing at beginning of game
  • Lammastide quest for retrieving firewood now works correctly if you die
  • Added teleporters to boss key rooms
  • Fixed misc issues with translations, including system language handling and incorrectly translated strings

Please feel free to join us on Discord to report a bug and discuss with us.

exiinSteam Patch 3 – Ary and the secret of seasons