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Xbox & PS4 patch – Ary and the secret of seasons

Today we released new updates for Ary and the Secret of Seasons on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. These updates aim to fix some of the most common bugs and issues we have seen reported by our community. Again, we appreciate your feedback and will continue to make updates to the game!

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Patch 1.0.3

New fixes for PlayStation 4/Xbox One:

  • Added support for inverting X-axis
  • New tutorial for using the Summer Season added to the Muscari boss fight
  • Added additional save slots and save backup slot
  • Added ability to disable specific side quests from displaying
  • Landmarks now turn grey on the map after discovery
  • Fixed Ary becoming invisible after death and cutscenes
  • Fixed softlock after receiving quest ‘We Need a Hero’ in the Dome of Seasons
  • Fixed softlock during the Winter Temple boss fight where the player would spawn too far away from the boss to complete the chase sequence
  • Main quest no longer resets after dying to traps during the Ostara Mines chase sequence
  • Disabled fast travel in temples to prevent soft-lock on reentering
  • Prevented Muscari from attacking during boss fight while alert box is open
  • Fixed softlock caused by entering the Spring Temple before completing the Autumn Temple
  • Added music to the end of the Muscari boss fight
  • Removed double jump boots and slingshot from store to fix main quest progression issues
  • Fixed water disappearing in Ostara City on very low graphic settings
  • Chest in Summer Temple now contains more than 0 coins
  • Fixed graphical glitch where grass was semi-transparent in winter on some hardware configurations
exiinXbox & PS4 patch – Ary and the secret of seasons