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Who is Sam?

Blog posts might’ve not been the thing for eXiin back in the days, but I’m gonna turn things around and post lots of walls of texts.
Some of them describing games progress and new fancy features we add, some of them talking about interesting things game dev things we do behind our development.

For now, I’ll do a quick Q&A to explain few things about me.

Who am I?
I’m Sam, owner of another game dev company which I gladly sacrificed in order to make this one awesomer.
What did I sacrifice?
Not much, most of my previous games died due to my stupidity, but that’s long ago, I be smart nao.
What do I bring?
Knowledge ! Power ! And Games !
Or to be more precise, one game for now, which is ROTE ( check it out ! ).
What can I do?
Many things, programming, art, music, marketing. I’m a swiss army tool just like the original founder of eXiin (Seb).
What are you?
Either Robot or a human, I’m not sure yet.

Hopefully this is enough info for you guys, I feel like I’ve opened up enough for us to be BFFs.

Anyway, so we got the new website up, with games and all but we’re still actively setting our company flow up.
This means that things and updates might be a bit sloppy at first, but as we progress we’ll have more and more things to show.

exiinWho is Sam?