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ROTE and its future

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Good news !
We’ve recompiled our game ROTE with Unity 5, which means that lots of bugs and compatibility issues are now gone.
We also reduced our full version price from 2.99$ to 0.99$, because why the hell not?

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Anyway, we’ve been working a lot on ROTE for iOS lately, but we ended up adding so much content that it no longer feels like the same game. So at that point we decided that instead of releasing the same old version on iOS, we would make it into a second game.

So what kind of improvements are we looking for so far?

ROTE used to feel like a pocket puzzle game ( which was also the goal in the beginning ), with no real point or nothing else to push you forward except the hardcore ultra difficult puzzles.
We decided to change that, we thought about giving the whole game and its visual style a meaning, a story and a bit of more fun while you’re diving into hellish challenges.

So we present you : ROTE revolution (working title)

One of the first biggest features is seamless game transition :


Ignore the placeholder logo and unfinished details, we’ll be improving those during the next few days


We’ll be revealing more soon !

exiinROTE and its future

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