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New website, new alliance

We’re proud to launch our brand new website along with other new things!

Now, instead of having an almost empty website, we’ve updated it with 100% more content and details.
We’ve refreshed the design throughout to make it easier to find the information you need, including a blog section where we’ll be regularly posting updates and progress as we continue working on our games.

Did I say games? As in multiple games? Hell yeah I did !

RageFX and eXiin are joining forces together to make a new superior and more kick-ass game development company named…eXiin ! ( with a brand new logo, if you didn’t notice *wink* *wink* )

You’re probably asking yourself : “What the hell is RageFX and why should I care?”
The answer is pretty simple, by merging the two companies we increase our productivity by tenfold.
Meaning the games you’ve been waiting for will be finished faster !

In a matter of fact, we’ve managed to absorb and completely annihilate RageFX in the process; taking all their games, knowledge, fans, hopes and dreams and putting them here in one spot.

Hope you enjoy the new website.
We’ll be filling in more information over the coming weeks, so stay tuned !

exiinNew website, new alliance