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Seb’s Pandora’s box.

December 24th 1992, A strange guy in a red suit brought me an amazing box; A device that every little kids wanted to own.
Little did I know, this is how I’ve opened my own Pandora’s box.


I’m pretty sure that you can hear the tune!

Suddenly white sparks filled the TV screen, and in an orgy of pixels, a blue lightning dashed through with a screeching voice screaming SEEEGGGAAA. The “Green Hill” tune was resonating in my head, and the bubble noise of each jump was giving me shivers.

That was my revelation. Other kids wanted to be astronauts or firemen, but the nine year old that I was knew already: I wanted to make video games.

In France in 1992,  Jedi or Space Marine was a much more realistic and achievable career than video game designer. In fact, a job as such did not even exist, as there were no studies, no trainings and not even a proper name to it, nothing.

A few years later, in a memorable conversation with my guidance counselor, I stated that my dream was to create video games. I had first to explain what was a video game, and after a brief research on her old yellowish computer, she told me:

If you want to touch a computer, Accountancy will be the best option.

I knew that it would be hard to do a job that didn’t exist yet, That dream was also a curse, but that story will be for next time!


SebSeb’s Pandora’s box.