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AfterLoop published on Windows Store and Windows phone


Our publisher Game Troopers have launched AfterLoop for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.
For this version, we’ve decided to make the game as a Premium game. It means that we’ve removed all ads, all levels are accessible (no DLC). Rewinds are unlimited.

We hope that you will enjoy this version as much as the Android and iOS one.


exiinAfterLoop published on Windows Store and Windows phone


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  • quiche - 23 August 2016 reply

    Nice blog, really like the article about developments . greta stuff, and it s godo for other people who would like to create their own game (Would be nice to see more development challenges article like the on about 3D isometric rendering :))

    Quick question tho,
    any chance you could give us hint on the sames on the windows phone mobile:)
    maybe not numbers, as people like to keep them secrets, but just to give us some perspective of the expected sales
    % total of the sale bring back to other platform sales.
    I wonder if it s worth it publishing on teh windows mobile store.


    exiin - 26 August 2016 reply

    We don’t have yet the numbers for WP :/

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