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10.000 Downloads & new update for Android

We are super happy to announce that AfterLoop has reached the bar of the 10.000 Downloads. ( +/- 18.000 downloads right now)

We also got a great review from (Link to the article) and (Link to the article) nominating AfterLoop as their game of the month.
Youtubers from AR gameplay made an hilarious review (video bellow) and purpleFISH took the time to show the solutions of every level until level 69! (See the playlist now)

People feedback is mostly positive,our rating in google play store is 4.3 stars out of 5.
However, they came up with a few remarks, that’s why we have updated AfterLoop.

What’s new in AfterLoop 1.2.00?

Add Italian translation

  • We’ve added an Italian Translation, thanks to Federica Gazo for the translation.

Add Google Play Quest

  • Now it will be possible to get extra costumes and bits when solving quests

Better Android TV support

  • Controls with the gamepad and the remote have been changed. Now using time coins is done with the middle button on the remote, and the back button opens the menu.
    With the gamepad , the A button uses time coins, the B button opens the menu, X button moves automatically PR8 to the exit of the level and Y button makes PR8 talk!
  • We integrated the overscan (5% margin around the screen)
  • Main menu added, allowing the user to exit the game without the ‘Home’ button

Fix Perfect move issue

  • Some levels had incorrect numbers in the perfect move mode. Thanks to Eric for pointing that out!

Add Quit game button

  • Many of you have requested a quit game button. so here it is!

Remove Call permission

  • Few people have been asking about the “Call Permission”, partner used it to identify the phone. But we were not conviced, so we removed it.

FR8 FireFighter can remove fire

We are kind of surprised, but in a way it makes sense. A lot of people bought the Firefighter skin to remove fire. Unfortunately it was not planned as being a skin that can remove the fire obstacle.
Now, we have fixed that and FR8 FireFighter can remove the fire Obstacle before having the fire extinguisher.


I lost my friend – AfterLoop gameplay review by AR gameplay

exiin10.000 Downloads & new update for Android