While fantastic video games are released all the time, new games are pricey. Some people turn to piracy to play on the cheap, because no one can afford to buy every new release.

But even for older titles, piracy is not secure. There are actually too many drawbacks of playing pirated games when putting ethical issues aside. Here, we are examining some of those threats.

1- Help Indie Games Studios by buying their game

Developing a game takes a long time and is a huge challenge. Hacking a game places the studio behind it at risk. A sequel to the title you want will be significantly diminished.

2- Pirated Games Could Infect Your PC With Malware!

There’s nothing new about installing malware while you’re using pirated goods. Many who stopped paying for malware back when security was poorer recall how their resident antivirus would choke on a Trojan when they were trying to open.

Hackers like to eat too, so they earn a little extra by converting users’ machines into bots or Trojans’ banking houses. The odds of a free game without a virus have always been poor. But lately, the chance of installing a malware program instead of cracking, has shot up.

3- You Might Get More Than You Bargained For!

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