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We love Casual Connect!

Mid February, we were invited to present AfterLoop at Indie Prize Casual Connect Europe. From all the trade shows we went to, it is definitely the best one !

It is common for people to be unaware of how fun Casual Connect can be, especially if you only showcase without doing anything else.
From our point of view, the secret to Casual Connect’s success is how it’s structured; During the day it’s all about showcasing the games, and after that serious-business part comes the events : boat parties, dinner parties, pizza parties, party parties and lots of other fun things to do !

It’s best to meet people outside the showcase, when they’re not busy doing their job.
Enjoying casually a glass of wine and doing networking is easier when people are not expecting another 100th meeting.

I don’t remember any other place where you could do that as easily as Casual Connect.

Indie Prize

The Parties

Thanks to Sebastian Bularca for most of the photos

SebWe love Casual Connect!