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Gamescom: Ary awarded Best unity game

gamescom 2017 was a very important even for us, we unveiled our teaser for Ary, we let the public give it a try and meet tons of interesting people.

That could have been it, and we would of been very happy with just that. But It kept on going and going, for the first time, we did a twitch stream with Honigball. Isabel did a let’s play of Ary and the secret of seasons , It was an incredible experience.

But the story doesn’t end there, Ary and the secret of seasons was nominated for the “uTomic Rising Star” Award with the amazing Far: Lone Sails and the award winner Rite of Ilk

Wait, there is more to come… out of the unexpected, we won the Best Unity Game Award!

Unity is an important part of our life, and getting the price for the Best Unity Game is really a big accomplishment for us, we couldn’t be more happy!

We also wanted to thank the people of Indie Arena that did an incredible job for the 80 indie games selected to be part of the Indie Arena Booth 2017


exiinGamescom: Ary awarded Best unity game

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