Latest news is live !

We’re proud to announce that has opened on July 21th, the Belgian National Day !

So what is it?‘s goal is to bring games forward through help of each others’ networking skills and connections. As a united entity, we can provide a far bigger exposure of the great games developed here in Belgium.
Instead of relying a on one-time successful publicity, we want to maintain the connection with the press and provide extended coverage of future games for every company.

In order to achieve our ambitions, will focuse around three main objectives:

  • Communicate

    Communicate to boost the visibility of the growing Belgian Gaming industry.

  • Support

    Supports collective actions to accelerate the growth and boost the competitiveness of gaming companies.

  • Connect

    Create a dynamic environment among press, producers, investors and institutions. And connect them with the market of gaming through a collaborative platform.


For now, this whole support organisation is still fresh and so far we have already gathered all Belgian companies that are attending to Gamescom next month.
But we’re growing fast and our list of contacts is getting bigger and bigger!

And If you’re interested in helping us, feel free to contact us.

Special thanks to Xing-hui Dethier, Beatriz García Martín, Andrea Di Stefano, Guillaume Béland and Thibaut Claes. Without them, BelgianGames wouldn’t have been possible. is live !