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Art Internship opening at eXiin !

We’re looking for anyone who’s good at one or more of following skills :

  • Environmental (Concept) Art
    ( If you’re good at creating landscapes, areas, cities, forests or anything static and fancy )
  • 3D Environmental Modelling
    ( Same as above but making it in 3D with objects and all )
  • Low-Poly Modelling for mobile platforms

No need to write a huge motivational letter; Just send us a small message with a link to your portfolio (or some pictures of your work ), even if you’re unsure that you’re qualified and we’ll discuss it further.

Where are we?
We’re located in the center of Brussels, between “Art-Loi” and “Trone” metro station, really easy to commute.

How to apply?
Just fill out these fields and click Submit !

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    exiinArt Internship opening at eXiin !