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Puzzle / Brainteaser

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Android, Windows Phone

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  • Android: Nov 2014
  • Windows Phone: Jan 2015
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About the game

ROTE is a simple puzzle game that offers an unprecedented level of challenge, leaving you puzzled for days.

The gameplay itself is simple, you push blocks left and right using the ball and you try to move to the exit on the right. The puzzles however, start easy and increase in difficulty as you progress, and it’s not all about the size of the level, nor the amount of moves it takes to finish them, it’s about the tricks used to solve them.


ROTE is an excellent game, especially if you like puzzlers, but even more so if you just want a change of pace from games that pretend to be console titles when they’re not. ROTE has a charming look and feel to it, with some excellent tunes to it and even a menu UI that’s really cool.

Android Headline

Most awesome game I’ve ever played. In the tradition of brick out but way more challenging games need to be more like this.

Ezekiel - Wp store

Level 4 is impossible, your game must be bugged.

Most people

Nominated for Indie Prize 2015

Casual Connect Amsterdam