Platforms and release date

  • iOS: 28th January, 2016
  • tvOS: 30th January , 2016
  • Android: February 2016
  • Android TV: February 2016
  • Amazon: February 2016
  • Amazon TV: February 2016

Based in Brussels, Belgium

Founding date:
March 1, 2015


Press / Business contact:

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Are you capable to solve all the mysteries and puzzles across a massive labyrinth with over 300 challenges ?

Join PR8 in its journey to save its siblings. This cute robot will have to pass through a gigantic labyrinth, forests, flaming ruins and sea-side cliffs. Solve wide range of puzzles with an incredible variety of challenges while opening new paths towards answers and get closer to the exit.

AfterLoop’s core mechanic revolves around making your way to the next level by solving challenges. As you travel deeper into PR8’s world, new and more challenging puzzle elements are introduced.

Those elements include blocks that can only move in certain directions, colored blocks that move together, special tiles that unlock paths and other hidden elements.

The joyful protagonist PR8, will guide the player in a fun and entertaining way. Sometimes PR8 will celebrate after he unlocks a new challenge, and when a puzzle becomes unsolvable PR8 notifies you in all the power of his cuteness that you have to go back in time and find another way around.

However, PR8 has a long adventure that awaits him. It’s time to discover what’s after the loop!

Key features

  • Beautiful hand-crafted visuals and a lovely universe.
  • Participative gameplay, non-violent and aimed towards all audiences.
  • Huge amount of content and a lot of challenging puzzles to keep you entertained for hours.
  • PR8’s emotions will guide the player to make the right moves and decisions.
  • Supports Apple TV and Android TV.




Nominations and Trade fair

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