AfterLoop: Somebody has been a bad Kitten!

Does that sounds familiar to you?

If it does, We have a bad news for you! The version of AfterLoop that you have is a hacked version. Indeed, Tons of sites are sharing hacked versions on Afterloop.

How do I remove that message?

  1. Make sure not to use Cloud save option in AfterLoop
  2. Remove the game from your device.
  3. Install the game from official stores:

Can I get back my saves from the Hacked version of AfterLoop?

Sorry, you cannot. Saves from a hacked version of Afterloop are corrupted.

What are the risks of a Hacked version of AfterLoop?

The official installation of Afterloop is smaller than the unofficial After Loop Apk files. Hackers are installing other stuffs on your device, and may steal,corrupt or bricked your own device. If you still want to use the unofficial AfterLoop Mod Apk, make sure that you don’t have any important information in your device.

We cannot be taken responsible of what would happen if you install a cheated version of AfterLoop.


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exiinAfterLoop – Bad Kitten!